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Xbox GTA VC Hott Coffee Mod

During the course of the main plot of the game, the player (as main character Carl "CJ" Johnson) may date up to six girlfriends, carrying out various "date missions" in order to improve his relationship with a particular girl. Once Carl has become particularly close to a girlfriend, she may end a successful date by inviting him into her house for "coffee"—a euphemism for sex. Improving relationships with girlfriends through successful dates and other related activities will eventually reward CJ with new items (vehicles, weapons or special wardrobes) and benefits during gameplay (e.g. cost-free visits to the hospital after dying).

In the unmodified version of San Andreas, the player sees an exterior view of the girlfriend's house while hearing the muffled voices of Carl and his girlfriend as they engage in coitus. However, the Hot Coffee modification enables a minigame which allows the player to actually enter the girlfriend's bedroom and control Carl's actions during sex. None of the six possible sex scenes involve any nudity. However, an updated version of the "Hot Coffee" mod swaps the girlfriends' partially-clothed textures with modder-created, flesh-toned bitmaps. This third-party addition, like most nude patches, can only be applied to the PC version of the game, and does not incorporate visible genitalia.

Rockstar Games, the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, initially denied allegations that the minigame was "hidden" in the video game, stating that the Hot Coffee modification (which they claim violated the game's End User Licence Agreement) is the result of hackers making "significant technical modifications and reverse engineering" to the game's source code.1

The creator of the mod, Patrick Wildenborg (under the Internet alias "PatrickW"), a 36-year old modder from The Netherlands, rejects Rockstar's claim that the mod required significant technical effort, pointing out that he only changed a single bit in the installed game's "main.scm" file, and that there is absolutely no new content that he actually created - every piece of the required code was already in-game, just not available to the player.2 The mod itself is actually just edited copies of the main.scm and script.img script files. Mods for the Grand Theft Auto series are nothing new. The mod community has flourished for years creating additions to the map, new cars, and even a mod for multi-player gameplay. All of this is possible because Rockstar left the scripts open for mod makers to edit in order to have user created content. These mods do violate the license agreement that comes with the game and until recently were partially encouraged by the company.

There is evidence demonstrating that the content had already existed in the game, confirming that Wildenborg's statement that his mod merely "unlocked" the hidden code is true. The PlayStation 2 version of the game, which cannot have content added to it because it is stored on a read-only DVD, was discovered to also contain the hidden sex minigames. The Hot Coffee minigame can be accessed on the PlayStation 2 version of the game by entering a short sequence of codes using the Action Replay Max or Gameshark cheat disc. It is also possible on the Microsoft Xbox either by installing the mod on a modchipped Xbox or by using an Action Replay Max.

This shows that the sexual intercourse content is part of the game's original code, rather than something inserted into the game by the mod. However, it is not possible to access the sexual content simply by playing the game as intended by the developers.3 The sexual minigame may well have been abandoned before completion, as suggested by the fact that one of the six girlfriends, Michelle, is flagrantly mistextured.

Hot Coffee spoofs
Jak X: Combat Racing features an unlockable dubbed "Hot Coffee" that stars Daxter and his girlfriend Tess. Instead of having sex, however, they are seen drinking coffee, ending with Daxter looking at the camera and saying "What?!".

In another Rockstar Game in the GTA timeline called Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the character Maria Lenore tells the protagonist, Toni Cipriani, if he wants to "go to her house and have some coffee" to which Toni says "I'm not interested", alluding to the controversy surrounding the Hot Coffee mod.

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