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4th Generation ModChips:

Xecuter 3 Xenium, Xenium ICE SmartXX, v1 / v2 / v3 SmartXX, LT OPX v1/v2, 1MB/2MB X-Chip X-Lite X-Changer SpiderGX, Picture Xecuter3, Xecuter3CE, Xenium, Xenium ICE.

Developed by Team Xecuter Team OzXodus Team SmartXX Team SmartXX Team X-Chip Team X-Chip Team X-Changer Team SpiderGX.

3rd Generation ModChips

Xecuter Lite 2.6CE SpiderChip X-B.I.T MuppetX DuoX v1/v2 White DuoX Lite Akira Aladdin XT (XenoChip) 4032/4064 Aladdin Advance Live AppleX X-elixis Basic/Pro/Plus X-tasis Basic/Pro/Plus PC-BioXX OpenXbox NitroXX Xecuter Pro Xecuter Lite Plus Chameleon Picture v2.6CE Lite v2-white v2-lite v2se XT4064 Live: VII X-tasis Pro NitroXX

Developed by Team Xecuter SpiderChip Team DMS Muppet Team Team Omega Team Omega Akira XenoChip n/a Apple Chips Gr-Mods n/a Team Xecuter Team Xecuter Team Xodus

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